Bubble Developer Summit 2023 | Wrap up

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Victor Nihoul


Jun 30, 2023


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The online event space was abuzz on June 28th, with developers across the globe tuning in for the inaugural Bubble Developer Summit. This first-of-its-kind event for Bubble.io sought to empower developers in their quest to stand out, attract business, and continue building technologies that genuinely change lives.

Here, we'll delve into the key takeaways, providing insights into the intriguing and exciting discussions that ensued.

Announcing Agency Profiles, Certification, and Tiers

New Features for Bubble Developers

A significant highlight of the summit was the announcement of three new initiatives designed to enhance the Bubble developer community's visibility and credibility. These are the agency profiles, Bubble Developer Certification, and agency tiers.

Agency profiles aim to serve as a centralized, trustworthy place for businesses and individuals to learn about Bubble developers and agencies. It addresses the question that was raised in the chat, confirming that all freelancers and agencies indeed get access to a profile.

The Bubble Developer Certification was also introduced. This online exam offers Bubble developers the opportunity to prove their expertise, boosting their credibility and appeal to potential clients. While the certification isn't necessarily beneficial to a newbie, it presents a significant milestone for all developers to aim for. You can learn more about this from our dedicated article.

The third initiative, agency tiers, presents an innovative way for agencies and freelancers to gain recognition and increase their exposure to potential customers. The tiers (gold, silver, and bronze) are assigned based on criteria such as the amount of value generated, the number of certified Bubble developers, and client satisfaction. New agencies aren't left out, with a separate "New Agency" tier designed specifically for them.

Improved Developer Experience and AI Integration

Bubble is not just keen on improving its existing features; the team is also continuously seeking ways to revolutionize the NoCode landscape. Plans are in the works to make reusable elements more flexible and modular, improve logical expression modularity, introduce returning data from custom events, and the much-requested loops.

Screenshot of a "return data from custom event" workflow action.

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into Bubble is another intriguing development on the horizon. Bubble envisages that AI and no-code can act as force multipliers for each other, facilitating the creation of conversational interfaces for building no-code apps and AI-generated visual designs and layouts for pages and components.

Bubble and AI: Prompt "build me a CRM"

Enterprise Readiness

The summit also shone a light on Bubble's ongoing commitment to improving security, compliance, and performance. This is to ensure that Bubble developers are equipped to secure projects with larger, more mature companies.

Bubble's upcoming single sign-on (SSO) feature, slated for beta testing next month, will provide enterprise teams with a bird's eye view of all their users and apps. Additionally, Bubble is moving steadily towards obtaining a SOC2 report, signaling a commitment to rigorous security standards that will appeal to larger clients.

Celebrating the Community: Bubble Awards

The Bubble Developer Summit also celebrated the community's contributions, recognizing key figures who've made a significant impact in the no-code world.

Honorable Mentions during the Bubble Awards 2023
Thibault Marty nominated during the Bubble Awards 2023
Victor Nihoul and Wesley Wasielewski from Flusk nominated during the Bubble Awards 2023
Renato Asse nominated during the Bubble Awards 2023

Wrapping Up with a Look Ahead

The event concluded with a thrilling call to action: the invitation to BubbleCon2023. Set to take place in New York City in October 2023, this is another not-to-be-missed event for every Bubble enthusiast. You can learn more about this from our dedicated article.

The Bubble Developer Summit was an insightful, engaging event that truly exemplified Bubble's commitment to fostering a thriving developer community. With the newly announced initiatives and the exciting future plans, the possibilities in the Bubble universe are truly expanding. We look forward to seeing how these developments shape the future of no-code development.