Flusk, recommended by

JJ Englert

JJ Englert

Founder of NoCode Alliance

Why he loves Flusk Vault?

JJ Englert, CEO and Founder at NoCode Alliance tells us why he thinks Bubble.io should buy Flusk.

I am JJ Englert, and I am a huge fan of what the guys over at Flusk are doing. We are lucky to have them in our Bubble ecosystem.

If you value secure, strong production applications then you need to be checking them out, use their services or reading all the education that they provide because they are true professionals in their craft.

I think Bubble should just buy them already but until then we're lucky to have them and their services available to to us to keep our bubble applications safe and secure.

So we haven't already go give them a try.

JJ Englert is one of the most famous face of the Bubble.io ecosystem. He provides high quality and in-depth material for learning Bubble and pushing NoCode development to its limits