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Flusk secures your application by running automated security audits, on demand.

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Join +500 companies scaling their Bubble app with Flusk.

20+ Security Checkpoints

You might have skilled developers.
But did they spend +800 hours reverse-engineering Bubble to find every potential security issue? We secure them for you in minutes instead.

See covered checkpoints
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Automated Tests

A tool that doesn't do all the job for you is a vulnerability in itself, that's why Flusk automatically checks your app on new deployments - live and test versions.

In-app Documentation

You don’t need to be tech-savy to use Flusk. Your time is way too important.That’s why every single issue we find comes with its own video documentation, explaining you how to fix it.

Example documentation
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Not Just a Tool but a Community

No time to dig down into security?
Hire our security experts to help you make your app secure.

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“I would highly recommend to anyone looking to build a secure and reliable Bubble app to use Flusk.”

Face Review Matt Graham

Matt Graham

CEO at Rapid Developers

Covered Security Points 🔐

Flusk is checking more than 20 security checkpoints to make your app secure. Here are a few of them.

Data Leak & Privacy Rules

Applying and maintaining strong Privacy Rules on Bubble can be a complex undertaking.
Our tool check for data leaks over Bubble's request obfuscation, guaranteeing accurate Privacy Rule definition.

Page Protection

Ensuring adequate content security and redirection measures are in place is crucial for safeguarding sensitive pages. Flusk Vault offers automated redirection type checks and prompt alert notifications in instances of vulnerability.

Third-Party Access

Comprehensive tracking and management of collaborators accesses and API tokens. This ensures that access is granted only when necessary, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

API Connector

The integrity of your API Connector is a priority. Our security tool verifies that all authentication protocols are correctly implemented and checks for any compromised URLs, API keys, tokens, or sensitive default responses.

Backend Workflows

Thoroughly analyze of your backend  workflows and selectively exposes only the necessary publicly accessible ones, ensuring maximum security.

Compromised Workflows

Avoid less-known security vulnerabilities, such as exposing sensitive data in your app config file or enabling hazardous front-end actions that allow intercepted retrieval of temporary passwords.

Editor Privacy

Ensure the confidentiality of your application editor at all times. Any alteration to the privacy settings of your editor will trigger an immediate notification on your Vault Dashboard.

Password Policy

Ensure that your password policy meets the appropriate level of security for your users, and that your test version is adequately protected to prevent unauthorized

Swagger Privacy

The Bubble API offers publicly accessible documentation for your Data API endpoints. With Flusk Vault, unnecessary exposure of this documentation is prevented, ensuring the security of your sensitive data.

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Build a Strong Q&A Process

Schedule a test Friday at 12.00 pm.
Leave the office with peace of mind.
That’s how you build a strong Q&A process.

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Smart Notifications

We keep track of your app’s security, When something goes wrong, we’ll let you know.

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Winner of the Bubble Awards 2023 🏆

Emmanuel Straschnov (Bubble CEO) Profile Picture

Emmanuel Straschnov

CEO & Co-founder, Bubble

“Victor Nihoul & Wesley Wasielewski of Flusk have made Bubble better for all of us. Their security tools help keep sensitive data in Bubble apps safe and compliant, which benefits businesses, customers, and every kind of user."

A Statistic Statement

We conducted a study on the Top 100 apps made on Bubble.What we found is a worrying statement about security on major applications.

Sensitive Data Leaks

Sensitive Data Leak chart

Restricted Access

Restricted access chart

Third-party Access

Third Party access chart

It's Not Your Fault

The freshness of the technology and its recent growth makes it really hard for the community - businesses and developers to develop strong practices in security.
Most of the developers are not aware of how easily security breaches can be exploited in their apps, and they're not to be blamed. Indeed, there's poor documentation from about the best security practices and there's hardly public reports of previous security breaches.

But it is Your Responsability

This lack of awareness doesn't justify not acting on security.In fact, you are required by law to protect your customer's data, and you don't want to risk malicious intrusions on your app, as they generally have a strong impact on customers and investors' trust.

Join +500 companies scaling their Bubble app with Flusk.

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