Monitor your Bubble app.

Keep track of errors, explore logs. 📈

Flusk helps you debug your app, track errors, and provide all-in-one analytics for your Bubble app.

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Catch All Errors, Seamlessly 🎯

Your users are experiencing many errors you will never hear about. Flusk allows you to catch them all in one place.
Enriched with screenshots, and linked to the logs, we open the way for easy debugging!

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Monitoring Dashboard

Join +500 companies scaling their Bubble app with Flusk.

Enriched with Screenshots

Whenever a User faces an error on your app, we take a screenshot of what he’s seeing at that moment. Way easier to debug.

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Illustration Recover Payment Interface

No More Failed Payments

Your app throws way more errors than you expect. And it becomes problematic when it touches your money.

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“I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a secure and reliable Bubble app to use Flusk.”

Face Review Matt Graham

Matt Graham

Take your Bubble App to the Next Level 🚀

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Smart Analytics 🔍

Some data and analytics are always a benefit.Know who’s currently online, on what page, and what they’re currently doing.

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Illustration Visual Logs

Deploy Strategically

You don’t want to deploy when Users are using your app.
Discover Flusk’s Smart Deployments: schedule a deployment for when no Users are Live.

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Webhook creator Flusk


Be alerted with a Webhook when
a new version is pushed live,
a new log enters a filter-view,
and when a new collaborator is added
And way more.

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Ultra-deep Filters

Filter your logs and keep what’s interesting. Only logs that consumed more then 2 WUs? On a particular Reusable Element?Triggered by a certain User?

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Filter Creator Flusk

Winner of the Bubble Awards 2023 🏆

Emmanuel Straschnov (Bubble CEO) Profile Picture

Emmanuel Straschnov

CEO & Co-founder, Bubble

“Victor Nihoul & Wesley Wasielewski of Flusk have made Bubble better for all of us. Their security tools help keep sensitive data in Bubble apps safe and compliant, which benefits businesses, customers, and every kind of user."

Join +500 companies scaling their Bubble app with Flusk.

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