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Our Story

From Education to Empowering

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A Strong Background

We began our no-code journey with Ottho.
Since 2019, Ottho is the French leader in no-code education with more than 5,000 users.

From free-access tutorials to complete programs with internships, and covering all kinds of levels and expertise with our Masterclasses, we developed a strong ability to teach and assist No-coders.


The Rise of No-code

No-code platforms and technologies are growing rapidly, and with them businesses relying on these technologies are constantly being created and thus prolifer daily.

No-code is on the way to being the future of app development, as the Gartner study found "by 2025, 70% of new applications developed by enterprises will use low-code or no-code technologies" [source].

Therefore, we now expect medium to large-sized companies to run their business on No-code platforms.


Supporting Businesses

Defining a standard has become a priority.
It is urgent to create suitable tools and services to ensure the security and reliability for these technologies in order to defend the image of no-code.​

We decided to take on this new challenge to support companies in their development around Bubble.io.
With our strong experience in no-code technologies, we create a hub for business to grow safely and securely and perform at their best.

Our Values

Labour for the Impact, Not the Income

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At Flusk, we believe that No-code tools can impact the world and allow as many people as possible, regardless of their gender, technical level and origin, to be able to create applications and shape the world.

Since we built Flusk, our main success factor has never been the amount of customers converted nor our incomes. We take pride in the number of projects that have emerged and the people that have grown thanks to No-code.


Flusk Fund

Flusk chooses to dedicate a part of their human ressources and financial incomes to fund social and impactful projects.

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Passionate by Design

Our Founders

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Flusk was founded in 2022 by two product-lovers.

Victor is an internationally recognized expert, he was a CTO at Ottho and co-Founder at Certifio.

« No-code was a powerful tool to change and shape my life, especially at such a young age.

As a creative thinker by nature, No-code has enabled me to exercise my innovative talents within the tech industry.

No-code has empowered me and built a self-confidence within me to follow my passions. »

Victor Nihoul


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Wesley Wasielewski


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Wesley is one of the top Bubblers in France, he has a powerful reasoning and a solid knowledge of Bubble. He was also a co-Founder at Certifio.

« During the 4 last years, I discovered and realized the potential of no-code and what it could bring to companies of all sizes.

Last year, I decided to take the plunge and quit my engineering school in France. Although my path was clear, I made the decision to follow my instinct and dedicate my life to what I really love:  entrepreneurship. »