$0 per month.

That’s what it costs to build a secured agency.

Matt says it even better than us:

Face Review Matt Graham

Matt Graham

CEO at RapidDev
Gold Tier Agency

“Victor Nihoul & Wesley Wasielewski of Flusk have made Bubble better for all of us. Their security tools help keep sensitive data in Bubble apps safe and compliant, which benefits businesses, customers, and every kind of user."

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The Best Bubble Agencies work with Flusk.

Our win-win deal 🤝


Use Flusk for Free

Offer Monitoring and Security to your customers in your offers, for $0. The entire building process is covered by Flusk, from securing the app to making sure no unexpected errors are happening.


Introduce us

Once the app is built and you deliver it, we just want you to shoot an email to your customer, introducing Flusk in the way you see it (up to you!) and inviting your customer to go for a subscription.


That’s all.

That’s how easy it is. And it’s way better than before 🚀
We don’t think there’s much sense making the agencies pay for apps they not even own. Do you?

Supercharge your Agency for Free 🚀

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Keep your app safe.

Flusk is keeping your app safe by checking 20+ security checkpoints automatically.

Whenever you deploy a new version of your app live, we run a security audit and email you the results. You don’t even have to think about security anymore.

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Everything covered

Flusk covers more than 20 Bubble-specific security checkpoints.
From Data Leaks, API Workflow Protection, Page Access, ect..
We’ve got you covered.

Automated tests

New deployment?
Flusk automatically detects it and run a security check on your new version.
We email you the results instantly so that you don’t even have to think about security anymore.


Finding security issues is useless if you don’t know how to fix them.E
very single issue has its own documentation, written by Flusk’s security experts.


Keep your app healthy.

Your users are facing errors you don’t even notice. It’s a fact.
Flusk allows you to keep track of those, remediate them, and have a new way to explore your logs.

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Catch Errors & Bugs

Your users are facing errors you’re not even aware of. That’s a fact.
Flusk collects and combines all errors happening on your app, in a simple dashboard so you can fix them.

Smart Deployments

You don’t want to deploy a new version when people are currently using your app.
We allow you to deploy a version for when no users are online.

Visual Logs

Exploring Logs and debugging your app shouldn’t be as complicated as it is today.
Flusk offers a new, modern way to explore and inspect your Bubble logs.

Join +500 companies scaling their Bubble app with Flusk.