#BubbleCon2023: What Can We Expect?


Victor Nihoul


Aug 3, 2023


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Updated on August 3, 2023. We'll continue to update this post as Bubble's release information about the event!

In the heart of Bubble.io's community, the latest announcement at the Bubble Developer Summit has stirred quite the excitement. As a third-party service provider for Bubble.io apps, we at Flusk find ourselves brimming with anticipation. Emmanuel, during the Community Developer Awards ceremony, revealed plans for Bubble's inaugural public user conference - BubbleCon 2023.

Scheduled for October 24-25, excitement around the event has just grown with the announcement that tickets to #BubbleCon2023 will officially go on sale on Monday, August 7 at 1PM ET! In-person tickets are available for $95 each, while virtual tickets will be free. With limited in-person availability in NYC, prospective attendees should act quickly and can sign up here to be alerted when tickets go on sale.

A Trend-Setting Move in the No-Code World

The initiation of BubbleCon 2023 is a part of the ongoing celebration of No-Code technology's disruptive potential, following significant events like the NoCodeSummit in France and Webflow's No-Code Conf. Moreover, this conference directly follows Bubble's recent $100 million funding round, which signals the company's intent to strengthen its foothold in the No-Code landscape.

Bubble's decision to host a public conference aligns with the growing trend in the tech industry, where user conferences serve as a platform to engage the community, outline long-term strategy, and showcase commitment to the company's mission. For Bubble, this mission revolves around democratizing programming.

The Choice of Venue: Back to the Roots?

The conference's in-person sessions will take place in New York, Bubble's birthplace, starting in the late afternoon of Tuesday, October 24, and continuing all day and into the evening of Wednesday, October 25. Bubble also anticipates most of the sessions being streamed to online attendees, offering a unique experience to chat, connect, and network via their dedicated event platform.

What BubbleCon 2023 Could Offer

Even though the specifics about BubbleCon 2023 remain under wraps, a few guesses can be made based on similar tech conferences and our understanding of Bubble.io and the No-Code community.

  • The Bubble Team: We expect to see key members of Bubble's team at the conference, most notably Bubble founders Josh Haas and Emmanuel Straschnov.
  • Workshops and Talks: With the absence of partner registrations, it seems unlikely we'll see stands or third-party participation. Instead, we might witness a series of in-depth workshops or talks focusing on Bubble.io's more complex capabilities or related to the Nocode industry.
  • Bubble's Strategy Reveal: Following its recent $100 million fundraising, we're keen to learn about Bubble's long-term strategy. This conference could be the platform where Bubble reveals its future plans.
  • Security Focus: With security being a rising concern, it would be interesting to see if BubbleCon 2023 would focus on Bubble.io's security features and practices, similar to how Apple often highlights privacy in its events. Bubble's commitment to security has been clear with its recent Developer Certification.
  • Networking Opportunities: Like all conferences, BubbleCon 2023 will serve as a platform for developers and enthusiasts to exchange ideas, foster connections, and create stronger bonds within the community.

Big News at BubbleCon? Maybe, Maybe Not

The question on everyone's mind is whether Bubble will reveal any significant news during the event. With numerous updates and enhancements announced at the recent Developer Summit, it seems unlikely that Bubble has kept any big reveals for BubbleCon 2023. However, with Bubble, one can never rule out surprises.


BubbleCon 2023 marks an important milestone in Bubble's journey. It demonstrates the company's commitment to its user community and the No-Code movement at large. With the ticket details and program outline now available, the anticipation grows. Whether in person in NYC or virtually, BubbleCon 2023 offers a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people, learn more about Bubble.io, and explore the latest in the No-Code world. We hope to see you there!