Bubble Announces its First-Ever Developer Certification Program


Victor Nihoul


Jun 29, 2023


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Bubble has made an exciting announcement that is set to significantly change the developer landscape. The company has launched its first-ever official Bubble Developer Certification program, which has been keenly demanded by the developer community for quite some time.

A Community-Driven Initiative

Over the past decade, Bubble has seen its community of professional developers grow exponentially. From freelancers to agencies and bootcamp course instructors, the talent and dedication within the Bubble community have been instrumental in shaping the platform. As the community has expanded, so too has the demand for skilled Bubble Developers.

The Bubble Developer Certification comes as a response to this demand, providing a universal standard for qualification. This initiative not only benefits companies looking to hire qualified developers, but also enables developers and educators to demonstrate their expertise objectively, enabling them to stand out in an increasingly competitive field.

How the Certification Works

The exam tests advanced knowledge across a wide range of topics related to the Bubble platform, from responsive design to database security and performance. To pass, developers need to answer 90 questions in three and a half hours and achieve at least 75% correct answers. The exam format includes multiple choice, true or false, multiple answer, and fill-in-the-blank questions.

Upon passing, developers will receive a formal certificate, delivered via email, which is valid for exactly one year. The decision to limit the certification validity is attributed to Bubble's commitment to keeping the exam current with the regular launch of new features and improvements to the platform.

An overview of how the certification works in practice.

Our Take on the Certification

The Bubble Developer Certification announcement has been met with immense positivity from our team. It's a significant move that will undoubtedly enhance the hiring trust for developers and offer a clear, objective way to assess a developer's expertise in Bubble.

However, we also believe there are areas that could be improved. For instance, we find the pass-or-fail system to be quite simplistic. We would prefer to see a grading system that distinguishes developers based on skill areas such as design, backend, logic, database, API, etc. This would offer a more comprehensive picture of a developer's expertise and capabilities.

Moreover, the absence of practical exercises in the exam is disappointing. Hands-on tasks would have provided a real-world testing environment and further validated a developer's practical understanding and application of the platform.

We also express concern that the exam's answers may eventually leak online, thereby compromising the integrity and value of the certification.

Lastly, while we understand the rationale behind the certificate's expiration after a year, we believe it would be more beneficial to simply date the certificate. This would still provide an indication of the certificate's relevance relative to platform updates while preserving the recognition of the developer's achievement.

Looking Forward

Despite the areas we believe could be improved, we still see the Bubble Developer Certification as a significant step forward in the no-code app development world. It offers numerous benefits, including the ability to differentiate certified developers and provide a measure of trust for potential clients or employers. We eagerly look forward to seeing how the certification evolves over time and the impact it will have on the Bubble community.

To keep up with updates or to prepare for the certification, developers can explore resources like the Bubble Academy, Bubble Manual, and participate in the vibrant Bubble Forum community. The certification is still in beta but is set to move to early access and general release later this summer.

Get Certified

Feel free to visit the official Bubble's Certification website to get started.