NcScale Goes Free: A Closer Look at Their New Pricing Model


Victor Nihoul


Aug 11, 2023


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While the world of no-code platforms, especially, is accustomed to periodic shifts and updates, NcScale recently made a noteworthy decision. Their move to offer their comprehensive services and products for free certainly raises eyebrows and piques curiosity in the community. What's behind this intriguing choice, and what might it signal for the future of no-code tooling? Let's dive in.

The Big Reveal

Recently, NcScale turned heads with their major announcement: all their advanced services and products are now entirely free. This shift can be witnessed firsthand on their official pricing page.

Doubling down on this news, they shared a tweet that has since sent ripples across the no-code community:

Breaking Down the Motive

Such a surprising decision begs the question: why would a company known for its sophisticated products choose to offer them for free? Delving deeper into their announcement, the strategy becomes clear. NcScale seeks long-term gains by measuring the product's demand and crafting advanced integrations with other no-code tools. By maximizing their user base, they're aiming for better partnerships and integrations, prioritizing the future over immediate revenue.

Founder Benoît de Montecler has hinted that this pricing structure should remain intact until year's end, giving no-coders ample opportunity to explore NcScale's offerings.

Flusk Vault vs. NcScale: The Showdown

While this move by NcScale is undoubtedly captivating, the inevitable question arises: which tool is the better choice for security and monitoring – NcScale or Flusk Vault? We’ve got you covered. Dive deep into an in-depth price and feature comparison between these two giants on our dedicated comparison page.

In a space where innovation drives success, NcScale's recent shift in pricing strategy adds another layer of intrigue in the security realm. While this free pricing model is exciting, it's essential to compare features and long-term benefits before making a choice. Flusk remains committed to offering unparalleled automated security audits and continuous monitoring for apps. The ball's in your court – choose wisely!