Flusk 2.0 is released 🎉 | Error monitoring, human help, and more!

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Victor Nihoul


Jan 21, 2024


🇬🇧 English

This is definitely the most exciting update of Flusk Vault since its release, I'm happy to introduce you to Flusk Vault 1.2!

Live Tour with Victor

In a Nutshell

Flusk 2.0 now comes with 5 new exclusive monitoring features:

  • Monitor User activity
  • Schedule deployments
  • Error monitoring
  • Backups
  • Log explorer

Get Human Help From the App

A major news in Flusk 2.0 is the ability to request help from human directly from the app. You don't know how to fix a security vulnerability or an error?
You can now ask the community or hire an expert in minutes to get help.

Activity Monitoring

Activity monitoring

Monitor user activity automatically and see how many users are currently online. Flusk is also able to differentiate users and visitors automatically.

Error Monitoring

Error Detail

The most exciting part of this release is the Error monitoring. Flusk can now detect runtime errors from your apps so you never miss a bug or a payment again.
Flusk is able to take a screenshot of the user screen and capture the error message to give you as much context to resolve the error.

Schedule & Smart Deploy

Deployment Popup

Never disturb a user again. Flusk lets you schedule deployments or deploy your app automatically when no users are online on your app.

Log Explorer

Log Explorer

You can now explore logs visually, as we think it should be, thanks to our redesigned log interface.

Better Notifications

We have redesigned our system to send you better notifications.
You can now also set a maximum of notifications you want to receive in the "Notification" tab of your settings in the Flusk dashboard.

I'll see you very soon for Flusk 2.1 with very exciting features such as the security badge :)

In the meantime, you're welcome to check the full changelog and to participate in our feature board!