Vault 1.2 Update | Data Leaks, Flusk Earn and Collaborator Access

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Victor Nihoul


May 1, 2023


🇬🇧 English

This is definitely the most exciting update of Flusk Vault since its release, I'm happy to introduce you to Flusk Vault 1.2!

Live Tour with Victor

In a Nutshell

Flusk Vault is now able to detect data leaks on your app from misconfigured Privacy Rules along with a new tool to check your Privacy Rules, we also got rid of the collaborator access, which is now optional!
Finally, we release Flusk Earn, a new way to gain exclusive benefits from referring friends and helping us grow!

No More Collaborator Access Required

We officially signed the end of the requirement to add our account as a collaborator on your app. This was a frequent request from our users, especially agencies.
Some security points obviously can't be checked without permission on your application, but we manage to keep them as low as possible, and you can always keep us as a collaborator to benefit from them!
Here's the updated list of the security points Flusk Vault checks on your Bubble app along with the access level it requires : Flusk Vault Security Features

New Ownership Verification Process

Therefore, when installing Flusk Vault you can now verify the ownership of your app using another method: simply by creating a page on your app!

Data Leaks in Flusk Vault

Data leaks in the Issues tab

We just integrated Data Leaks in the tool, as this was at the core of our roadmap for a while.
The tool is now able to check for data leaks (from misconfigured Privacy Rules and Database Queries) anywhere on your pages (any group, element, pages or repeating group!)

We also improved our Predict AI to only trigger an issue when the data leak contains sensitive fields.

Details of the Data Leak issue

We're excited to hear your feedback on this feature! Feel free to reach out if you have any suggestions.

New Privacy Rules Checker Tool

Flusk Vault will now create issues when data leaks are found, but it doesn't make the process of defining your Privacy Rules easier right?
Well, it actually does, because we're also releasing a new tool (accessible from your Vault Dashboard) to check data leaks on your app in real-time, making your fix process much easier and more comprehensive.

Privacy Rules Checker Tool

The tool is also accessible publicly (without access to advanced settings) from this link: Free AI Privacy Rules Checker

Flusk Earn & Referrals

Since we built Flusk, we always received a very high engagement from our community and users, and most of you always want to help us grow and build new features.
That's why we thought it was time to give back by releasing a new system to gain access to exclusive benefits and discounts depending on your support to us.

Flusk Earn Dashboard

The new Flusk Earn dashboard lets you see your current reward level based on your engagement.
You can now earn points by participating in our Feature Board, promoting us and referring users.
Our referral system is now also working and lets you earn commissions on sales!

Better (...or Fewer) Notifications

We noticed that some of you were receiving quite a lot of notifications from the tool, especially when you had the tests on deploy activated.
That's why we now rebalanced our system to send you fewer notifications.
You can now also set a maximum of notifications you want to receive in the "Notification" tab of your settings in the Flusk dashboard.

Minor changes

- You can now see who scheduled tests
- We improved the UI of the issues tab and added pagination to make the tool load faster (and save some WU!)
- Fixed issues that kept coming back even when ignored
- Fixed false-positive when detected public URL in API calls and

I'll see you very soon for Flusk Vault 1.3 with very exciting features such as exporting your test results as PDF, and reusable-element support!

In the meantime, you're welcome to check the full changelog and to participate in our feature board!