Vault 1.1 Update | New AI for APIs and issue UX improvements

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Victor Nihoul


Apr 7, 2023


🇬🇧 English

We just released a new version of Flusk Vault. The goal with this update was to reduce the amount of false-positive issues as well as reduce the "overwhelming" feeling when first using Vault based on your feedbacks.

New Issue Engine for APIs

We've redesigned our testing engine to provide more accurate issues for APIs.

We build an AI model to detect whether or not your integrated API calls contain providers that does not enforces authentification and if this provider is sensitive in order to trigger the "Unprotected API call URL" issue.
For example, having the URL of your Xano backend visible might be sensitive, but having the URL of a favicon-fetcher API might not be.

We hope that this would significantly reduce the amount of false-positive issues.

The new "Visible URL in API call" automatically resolve because the domain was classified safe.

Predict AI Redesign for Datatypes and Pages

In the past, false-positive from our Predict AI would generate a lot of unnecessary issues on installation.

From now on, only datatypes and pages reviewed manually will be checked by our tool to ensure consistency. However, new fields and pages created after the installation of Vault will still be automatically predicted by Vault.

Resolution Details for Issues

We've worked on including more details about why an issue has been resolved automatically in order to provide you with more context.
Some issues now have more additional details, and they are now version-related!

We'll see you very soon for Flusk Vault 1.2 with very exciting features incoming.

In the meantime, you're welcome to check the full changelog and to participate in our feature board!