No-Code Portrait: Jorge Del Carpio and Kreante

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Ronan Favril


May 11, 2023


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Every month we showcase a trusted agency, and this month it's Kreante's turn. We'll be talking about the company itself as well as its CEO, Jorge Del Carpio.

The founder

Jorge Del Carpio

Accomplished Path

Jorge Del Carpio, a 37-year-old with a penchant for running and traveling, is an accomplished individual with an extensive career history. Born in Belgium and later settling in Peru, he completed his education at a Franco-Peruvian school before pursuing an engineering degree from a prestigious institution in Toulouse. He gained valuable experience working at GDF Engie and Airbus, where he held various positions, further enhancing his expertise.

No-Code Success

During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jorge found comfort in No-code technology, which he swiftly adopted and utilized to establish an incubator supporting start-ups and freelancers. This led to the beginning of Kreante in 2020 with Christiam, his cousin who is a former traditional developer with more than 15 years of experience as a senior manager at EY, and their contribution to more than 100 successful No-code projects. Jorge takes immense pride in their success in creating the most efficient tools for their clients.

The Agency


Trust and Responsiveness

Kreante is an agency that places great emphasis on trust, responsiveness, professionalism, and kindness in their dealings with clients. They primarily cater to entrepreneurs/startups and No-code-based companies. Kreante specializes in developing marketplaces and educational tools, such as Iconoclass, which raised a considerable sum of 3 million euros, opting for No-code instead of a technical team. They were also able to work with companies such as Schneider Electric, République en Marche, L'association des réfugiés du Canada, Laboratoria, Rimac and others.

Internal Team and Organic Expansion

What distinguishes Kreante from its peers is their reliance on an internal team (+20 people in different parts of the world: South America, USA and Europe), rather than freelancers, guaranteeing optimal responsiveness and personalized support to meet their clients' needs. They vaunt well-established internal processes and mentors in design and development, ensuring product quality.

Kreante has experienced organic growth with a gradual increase in employees. Their growth is due mainly to positive word-of-mouth from satisfied clients and responding to calls for tenders.

Methodology and Product Security

The agency has encountered challenges in terms of methodology and internal processes, which they have overcome by developing efficient working methods that guarantee quality and speed of their projects. Kreante has also tested various approaches to keep pace with technological advancements and best practices.

Furthermore, Kreante faces the challenge of ensuring product security and performance while employing No-code tools. This necessitates comprehensive expertise in data management and the implementation of quality processes to avoid errors and vulnerabilities and that's where Flusk comes in, helping them secure their applications.