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Aug 1, 2023


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We are thrilled to introduce Robert Brooks and his agency,, who have recently joined us as a Flusk Trusted Agency. Their journey, marked by integrity, passion, and innovation, is both inspiring and instructive. Let's delve into their story.

The Founder

Robert Brooks - Founder at


Robert Brooks, a 51-year-old American from Florida, combines his love for activities like fishing, gardening, reading, and ping-pong with an unquenchable passion for tech innovation. Behind his humble exterior lies an accomplished programmer and a visionary leader.

Encounter with Bubble

Robert's first interaction with Bubble occurred in 2017. As an experienced programmer, he immediately recognized the immense potential in this new platform. Bubble was a groundbreaking technology that could create apps faster than ever before, providing a unique advantage in the fast-paced tech industry.

Professional Journey

Robert's professional journey is full of varied experiences. His story starts in the marine corps, a period of his life that taught him discipline, precision, and commitment. He then transitioned into the tech industry, working with established companies like Cognizant and PWC. Each role added to his expertise, making him a better programmer and a strategic thinker.

His encounter with in 2017 marked a significant turning point. Recognizing its potential, he decided to leverage this innovative tool to create a niche for himself in the app development market. That's when was born, in 2019. With his newly formed team, he set out on a mission to transform how apps were created.

The Agency

Area of Focus has a clear purpose - to develop efficient and innovative apps. The agency specializes in helping startups build their minimum viable products (MVPs). They also help SaaS owners transition their apps to for a more efficient and innovative performance.

Their work on CiviClick is one of their standout projects. This AI-powered app makes it easier for individuals and organizations to connect with policymakers and their staff, a testament to's capabilities.

Journey and Growth's journey is a story of resilience and hard work. The agency started small, with less than ten individuals in 2019. They faced many challenges - from attracting the right talent to refining their processes, but they persisted. Today, boasts a team of more than 50 individuals, each contributing their unique skills and perspectives. They have collectively accumulated over 500,000 hours of development experience on the Bubble platform, a number that's continuously growing.

Values and Strengths is built on three core values - integrity, passion, and innovation. These principles guide their work, shaping the agency's unique identity. They believe in doing the right thing, not just for their clients but for each other as a team. Their passion for their craft is evident in their work. And, they continuously push the boundaries of innovation to deliver optimal results.

In conclusion and its founder, Robert Brooks, have shown that with passion, integrity, and innovation, anything is possible. They have overcome challenges, adapted, and grown, reflecting their commitment to their vision.

Their journey inspires us, and we are excited to have them in our Flusk family. Join us in welcoming them and looking forward to the incredible work they will continue to do in the tech industry.