No-Code Portrait: David McManus and LightningProducts

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Wesley Wasielewski


Aug 21, 2023


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Today we'd like to introduce you to David and his agency, Lightning Products, who have joined us as a Flusk Trusted Agency.

The Founder

David McManus


Navigating the intricate labyrinth of the digital landscape, we find gems that stand out, not just because of their technical prowess but their heart. One such shining beacon is the founder of Lightning Products, a 36-year-old enthusiast hailing from Melbourne, Australia.

With his love for surfing, building NoCode Apps, hiking, spearfishing, and camping, he merges his personal and professional worlds seamlessly, creating waves of change wherever he goes.

Let's dive into his fascinating journey and how LightningProduct was born.

Journey to

After a challenging experience with his first startup, Tuki Health, our founder stumbled upon The discovery of Bubble was transformative for him—it was a new dawn that promised limitless possibilities.

Professional Odyssey

His professional voyage embarked in the vibrant domain of digital marketing, subsequently progressing into analytics and data science. After gaining substantial experience, he ventured into the realm of product management, joining hands with budding startups and high-growth entities in San Francisco.

These experiences led him to establish his healthcare company, Tuki Health, which clinched prominent clients, including healthcare giants UCLA and Stanford Health. A brief sojourn into management consulting helped him refine his vision, eventually leading to the inception of Lightning Products —a product innovation hub driven by a passion for making a significant positive impact.

The Agency

Before we delve deeper into Lightning Products, it's pivotal to understand the foundational pillars it stands on—expertise in product management, shared communication, and unwavering integrity.

Lightning Products

Lightning Products’ USP

With a diverse portfolio that encompasses projects for farmers, dietitians, doctors, and several niche sectors, Lightning Products boasts a unique blend of product management expertise. Their vast experience working with over 100 varied companies, notably high-growth startups, ensures the creation of products with minimized risks and increased usability.

The essence of shared communication is paramount in their operations, enabling designers, developers, clients, and product managers to resonate on the same frequency.

Integrity shines through in their endeavors, treating each project as if it were their own. Their commitment to client security is reinforced by their use of Flusk in all their app developments.

App Specialties

Lightning Products has a penchant for MVP development, predominantly for existing businesses transitioning from rudimentary systems like Excel to more refined software solutions.

Their adeptness at Bubble, coupled with expertise outside of it, has resulted in masterpieces like a novel education startup app, a social network, and a marketplace mirroring the likes of MINDBODY Health.

Foundational Memory

Founded in July 2022, the inception of Lightning Products was as serene as it gets—on a beach on Nusa Lembogan, off the coast of Bali. This tranquility, juxtaposed with their intense drive, paints a vivid picture of their essence.

Challenges & Evolution

Rapid growth brought along its set of challenges, with hiring being a focal point. The last few months have seen intensified efforts in onboarding competent individuals who align with the company’s ethos. They now proudly house full-stack engineers, enhancing the technical prowess of their Bubble projects.

One of their guiding principles is partnering with entities that resonate with their core values and vision of creating a positive global impact.

The Vision Ahead

While profitability is a practical goal, Lightning Products' heart lies in fostering diversity and driving meaningful change. They aim to contribute to building 1 million products by 2030 by diverse founders aiming for a significant positive change.

They envision a world where innovation is accessible, problems are solved, and opportunities are abundant. This is not just an agency—it's a movement.

Join us in welcoming Lightning Products to our Flusk family, and we look forward to the revolutionary changes they're bound to instigate in the world of NoCode!