No-Code Portrait: Aleksandr Kamenev and Nerheadz

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Ronan Favril


Jun 21, 2023


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Today we'd like to introduce you to Aleksandr and his agency Nerdheadz, who have joined us as a Flusk Trusted Agency.


Aleksandr Kamenev

Personal Journey

Aleksandr Kamenev, at the age of 36, has a diverse range of hobbies including gaming, playing chess, and spending quality time with his family.

Originally born in Ukraine, Aleksandr's family moved to Russia where he has spent the majority of his life. However, he decided to go to Bali. Unfortunately, the timing coincided with the outbreak of war, compelling Aleksandr and his family to remain in Bali.

Professional Growth

Aleksandr began his professional career as a hardware developer but later transitioned into system administration and sales. He further explored his skills and interests by becoming a financial manager and eventually venturing into various business sectors, including organic products, cosmetics, and a robotics education school. Alongside his diverse background, Aleksandr possesses professional project management skills and has accumulated over 5 years of experience working in Enterprise and Government development projects.

Expertise and Success

Returning to the IT field, he discovered bubble development and assembled a talented team. Despite starting as a junior, Aleksandr built a strong reputation and now leads a team of 20 individuals, overseeing more than 15 ongoing projects. With his professional project management skills, he brings valuable expertise to the table. Aleksandr's ability to effectively manage complex initiatives, collaborate with stakeholders, and deliver successful outcomes has solidified his position as a seasoned professional in the industry.



Guiding Principles

Nerdheadz operates with a set of core values that guide its operations: communication, process, results, and reputation. Nerdheadz places great importance on effective communication processes to ensure transparency and understanding between team members and clients. Emphasis is placed on well-defined processes to enhance efficiency and deliver better results. The agency focuses on achieving positive outcomes and meeting client expectations, striving to maintain a top-rated profile by consistently delivering high-quality solutions and keeping customers satisfied.

Competitive Advantages

Nerdheadz possesses several strengths that set it apart from competitors. Each team member has a dedicated role, ensuring focused expertise and efficient project execution. The agency adheres to internal standards to consistently deliver high-quality results and maintain client satisfaction. With a professional team of developers dedicated to individual projects, Nerdheadz provides focused attention and expertise.

Business Expansion

The target market for Nerdheadz includes two main segments. The agency caters to clients who have experienced failed development projects and require assistance in fixing or rebuilding them. Additionally, Nerdheadz supports individuals who have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and seek assistance in bringing their idea to life through development.

Nerdheadz differentiates itself through several key factors. The agency prioritizes delivering successful outcomes and ensuring client satisfaction. They utilize professional frameworks like Scrum Agile and employ project management tools such as Jira for efficient execution. With a strong emphasis on communication, Nerdheadz maintains a robust communication loop with clients, involving them in every step of the project to ensure alignment and happiness. The agency also places emphasis on reporting, providing regular reports, Loom videos, and effective communication channels to keep everyone on the same page.

The main challenge faced by Nerdheadz is sales and establishing effective sales channels. As a bootstrap business with no initial budget, the agency struggles with the need to expand its market and increase revenues. Finding ways to fund marketing efforts and convince clients to contribute poses a challenge for the agency's growth.