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Victor Nihoul


Oct 25, 2023


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The recent announcement at the #BubbleCon2023 has once again set the community abuzz. This time, it's all about Bubble's leap into the realm of native mobile apps.

A Seamless Transition to Mobile

Bubble's latest feature rollout is nothing short of revolutionary. The most requested feature by the Bubble community is finally here: the ability to build native mobile apps on Bubble. This isn't just a mere extension of their platform; it's a complete integration. Native mobile apps built on Bubble will share the same databases, backend APIs, and logic that Bubble web apps have been known for.

It is not totally clear yet if Bubble will act as a simple wrapper (embedding the web app into a native mobile app) or if they are planning to convert the app in a native language such as React Native.

Moreover, these mobile apps will integrate seamlessly with existing web apps. The best parts of building with Bubble, such as swiping, layer and screen management, device functionality, and more, are being remixed for the mobile experience. And the cherry on top? Developers can preview their app on their phones in real-time as they build. Bubble says they'll even offer assistance in submitting apps to the App Store(s).

Existing Solutions and The Way Forward

Before this announcement, it was possible to build native apps using Bubble with the help of "wrappers" such as BDK native or Codeless Academy. These solutions allowed Bubble apps to be packaged for mobile platforms. However, with Bubble's new feature, the process promises to be much smoother, eliminating the need for third-party wrappers and ensuring a more native feel to the apps.

Video Insights: What's in Store?

The recently released video titled "Coming soon: native mobile Bubble apps" on Bubble's official YouTube channel provides a glimpse into this groundbreaking feature. The video emphasizes Bubble's commitment to supporting millions of builders in their journey from ideation to full-stack web apps. And now, this power is being extended to mobile.

The video highlights:

  • The upcoming ability to build full-stack no-code applications for both Android and iOS.
  • Features like defining gestures, native components, and navigation on an intuitive canvas.
  • The convenience of previewing applications live on devices.
  • A hassle-free publishing process to the App Stores.

BubbleCon2023: A Landmark Event

BubbleCon 2023, which recently concluded, was a landmark event where this new mobile feature was unveiled. The conference covered a range of subjects, including AI-powered design, data, logic, and more. The announcement of native mobile app development without code was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the event. For a detailed overview of the announcements, you can check out the official keynote.


Bubble's move to introduce native mobile app development without code is a testament to their commitment to innovation and user needs. As the no-code movement gains momentum, Bubble is ensuring that it remains a leader, pushing boundaries and setting new standards. Whether you're a seasoned developer or a newbie with an idea, Bubble's new feature promises to make the mobile app development process smoother and more accessible than ever before.