Flusk Celebrates Nomination at Bubble Developer Awards 2023

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Victor Nihoul


Jun 30, 2023


🇬🇧 English

Bubble recently hosted an event to honour and celebrate the individuals and teams who have significantly contributed to its thriving developer community - the Bubble Developer Awards 2023. It was an event brimming with recognition, shared knowledge, and camaraderie, and it came with a surprise that we at Flusk are thrilled to share: we are the proud recipients of the Trailblazer nomination.

A Powerful Community Initiative

At the heart of the Bubble Developer Awards is an initiative we deeply appreciate: acknowledging the efforts of those who voluntarily contribute to the community's growth. For the first time, Bubble took a quantitative approach, tallying votes and feedback from the community to determine the winners. This step not only brought a tangible value to the nominations but also highlighted how interconnected and supportive the Bubble community truly is.

Our joy comes not only from our own recognition but also from seeing how this initiative provides recognition for all who strive to create and innovate within the Bubble community. It's a reinforcement of the strong bond amongst Bubble users and a nod towards the incredible work being done by everyone.

Flusk: Trailblazers in Bubble Development

As winners of the Trailblazer nomination, we take immense pride in our work at Flusk. Bubble introduced this category to acknowledge those who "push the limits of Bubble in ways that we did not even expect were possible." This statement resonates deeply with us, as our constant endeavor at Flusk is to create and innovate, always pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Bubble.io.

Our victory feels even more profound, knowing it came from the votes of our fellow community members. Our work has been recognized because we've been able to demonstrate the incredible possibilities of Bubble.io while also contributing to the platform's security and integrity.

We are immensely grateful to everyone who supported us through their votes, believed in our vision, and to our valued customers. It's a victory for us all today! ❤️

Looking to the Future with Bubble

The Bubble Developer Awards also brought forth exciting news about Bubble.io's future - the first-ever public user conference, BubbleCon 2023. The winners of the awards are to be flown out to New York to attend the conference at Bubble's cost, a gesture that signifies Bubble's commitment to nurturing its community.

As we move forward, we're eager to participate in BubbleCon 2023 and continue to contribute to the Bubble.io community. The Developer Awards are a testament to Bubble's commitment to fostering a thriving ecosystem of professional Bubble developers and companies.

For those interested in attending the event, we'll post updates on the following article as more informations are announced!