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Kreante 🚀 is a NoCode agency that helps entrepreneurs, startups, and companies bring their ideas to life 💡.

With a personalized approach, Kreante guides clients through the entire development process 🤝, providing top-notch expertise and support every step of the way 💪.

From ideation to launch 🚀, Kreante delivers cutting-edge solutions with stunning design and unparalleled functionality 🎨💻.

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Agency Focus
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Production Apps
Bring your vision to life with production-ready applications. We ensure high-quality, scalable, and efficient web apps for your business.
Product Design
Craft visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces. Product design focus guarantees intuitive, appealing app experiences.
Experience swift, iterative development with our agile-focused approach. We enhance app delivery speed while maintaining high-quality standards.
Internal Tools
Boost productivity with custom internal tools. Our agency develops unique solutions to streamline and automate your business operations.
B2B Platform
Create powerful B2B platforms with our expert agency. We design solutions that foster collaboration, enhance processes, and drive growth.
B2C Platform
Deliver superior customer experiences with our B2C platform solutions. We use to craft apps that captivate and retain your consumer base.
Accelerate your startup with swift Minimum Viable Product (MVP) creation, aligning core functionalities with user needs. Your fast track to market.
Flusk’s Advice

We highly recommend Kreante for their NoCode expertise, commitment to delivering custom solutions, and tailored approach to each business. Their top-notch customer service, innovation focus, and passionate team make them an excellent choice for achieving your business goals efficiently.

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This agency is a Flusk partner. We regularly review and audit the quality of their delivery.

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Customer Reviews
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They built very complex features for us quickly and at a very cost-effective price [...]
Sonja Ebron
Founder Courtroom 5
Past Projects
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ROCstr provides coachees, coaches, and human resources professionals with the first independent solution to measure coaching effectiveness.

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Hey Blue

This app wants to create and encourage connections between the community and police officers according to geographical proximity (using Google maps), encourage connections with a point system, and give them access to benefits.

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Laboratoria +

We built their Edtech platform for course registration and execution, including management of student projects, events, feeedbacks, etc. Laboratoria is a leading social enterprise in Latin America that offers a six-month intensive program to train women as front-end web developers and UI/UX designers. With a mission to democratize access to quality education and connect talented women with job opportunities in the tech industry, Laboratoria has trained thousands of women in countries such as Peru, Chile, Mexico, and Brazil. Their innovative approach to education has earned them recognition from organizations such as MIT, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the World Economic Forum.

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