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Founded in 2019, Cube is recognized as one of the leading NoCode agencies in the NoCode market with +200 launched projects.

Key Corporate Clients: International Tennis Federation, Norauto, Cemex, Sodexo

Key Start-up & Scale-up Clients: Swissborg, PetAdoption, Glady, VEFA Online, Inspire Villages, Makko, Audio pour Tous, WeSur, La Belle Foret

Cube is also behind the 1st European NoCode Summit, the first NoCode training Bootcamp, the NoCode Series media and a founding member of the Syndicat des Professionnels du NoCode (SFPN).

+ projects since
Min. project $
Hourly billing (
$75 - 100
10 - 20
% contractors
Agency Focus
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Product Design
Craft visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces. Product design focus guarantees intuitive, appealing app experiences.
Production Apps
Bring your vision to life with production-ready applications. We ensure high-quality, scalable, and efficient web apps for your business.
Accelerate your startup with swift Minimum Viable Product (MVP) creation, aligning core functionalities with user needs. Your fast track to market.
Post-launch iterations
Maximize product success with strategic post-launch iterations. We optimize and refine your apps for continued growth and improved UX.
Experience swift, iterative development with our agile-focused approach. We enhance app delivery speed while maintaining high-quality standards.
Flusk’s Advice

Cube is definitely an highly experienced and influential NoCode agency with a strong presence in the European market. Since their founding in 2019, they have demonstrated their expertise by successfully launching over 200 projects using Additionally, their involvement in organizing the 1st European NoCode Summit, initiating the first NoCode training Bootcamp, and being a founding member of the Syndicat des Professionnels du NoCode (SFPN) showcases their dedication to the NoCode ecosystem and commitment to advancing the industry. We recommend considering Cube as a top choice for your project, especially if you're looking for an agency that is well-established, internationally influential, and actively contributing to the growth and development of the NoCode community. Their wealth of experience and deep involvement in the NoCode world suggest that they are well-equipped to handle diverse projects and stay up-to-date with the latest tools and trends.

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Customer Reviews
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Cube delivered it with high-quality standards, and we shared the same spirit [...]
Margaux Scalisi
Founder of Vefa Online
Our collaboration with the Cube team was smooth and efficient.
Stanislas Laurent
Head of Product @SwissBorg
Very fast development
Léa Degardin
Corporate Incubator Director @Via-ID / Norauto
Past Projects
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WeSur Comparator

WeSur is an anti-spam insurance comparator that automatically recompiles contracts every year: - Creation of 3 custom insurance comparators (Home, Accident, Car) - Integration of 3 insurance APIs (Luko, Lovys, Acheel) - Deployment of a LowCode algorithm to optimize app performances - The WeSur start-up raised funds in 2022

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JTI Tracker

JTI Tracker is a project developed for the International Tennis Federation to digitalize the data collection process of the Junior Tennis Initiatives (JTIs): - 5,000+ users - Deployment in 130 nations - Implementation of a SSO connection

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Norauto Recharge

Norauto Recharge is a charging solutions comparator for electric and hybrid vehicle owners: - MVP launched in 6 weeks - A 6 months experimentation - A white label deployment in 6 countries and for all the group's brands (Midas, ATU...) with multi-language - +100K visitors monthly

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