Flusk, recommended by

Matt Graham

Matt Graham

CEO at RapidDev

Why he loves Flusk Vault?

Matt Graham, CEO and Founder at RapidDev tells us why he loves Flusk for security.

Hey guys this is Matt from RapidDev and I love Flusk

Its tool is absolutely amazing, there were tools on the market that sort of did security and penetration testing before Flusk came along but they've completely changed the game.

And it's great because the ecosystem really needs this, there's so many people that can build on No-Code now, no matter what your background is, you don't have to have a degree in computer science or experiences in computer engineer. But the problem is a lot of what people are building is insecure.

Go Flusk! Its tools is easy easy to use, it's beautiful, and it's more thorough than any other tool out on the market

RapidDev is one of the biggest low-code and no-code software development agency based in Boston that specializes in building powerful custom web applications in a fraction of the time, cost, and effort of traditional agencies. He recommends Flusk for Bubble apps security and monitoring.