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Flusk Vault monitors your Bubble app round the clock for your secrets and sensitive data. We catch the leaks and mistakes, you build a secure and compliant app.

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Trusted by top-tier companies running on Bubble

Leaders from high-growth startups to 400M$+ worth companies choose Flusk.

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Covered Security Points

Discover Our Comprehensive Coverage of Application Security Points

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Data Leak & Privacy Rules

Applying and maintaining strong Privacy Rules on Bubble can be a complex undertaking.
Our tool check for data leaks over Bubble's request obfuscation, guaranteeing accurate Privacy Rule definition.

Page Protection

Ensuring adequate content security and redirection measures are in place is crucial for safeguarding sensitive pages. Flusk Vault offers automated redirection type checks and prompt alert notifications in instances of vulnerability.

Third-Party Access

Comprehensive tracking and management of collaborators accesses and API tokens. This ensures that access is granted only when necessary, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.

API Connector

The integrity of your API Connector is a priority. Our security tool verifies that all authentication protocols are correctly implemented and checks for any compromised URLs, API keys, tokens, or sensitive default responses.

Backend Workflows

Thoroughly analyze of your backend  workflows and selectively exposes only the necessary publicly accessible ones, ensuring maximum security.

Compromised Workflows

Avoid less-known security vulnerabilities, such as exposing sensitive data in your app config file or enabling hazardous front-end actions that allow intercepted retrieval of temporary passwords.

Editor Privacy

Ensure the confidentiality of your application editor at all times. Any alteration to the privacy settings of your editor will trigger an immediate notification on your Vault Dashboard.

Password Policy

Ensure that your password policy meets the appropriate level of security for your users, and that your test version is adequately protected to prevent unauthorized

Swagger Privacy

The Bubble API offers publicly accessible documentation for your Data API endpoints. With Flusk Vault, unnecessary exposure of this documentation is prevented, ensuring the security of your sensitive data.

And over 15+ more upcoming!

Automatic Detection . Instant Notification

Enhance the security of your Bubble application, reduce human error, and save valuable time dealing with potential security breaches.
Our sophisticated automated detection algorithms effectively eliminate any blind spots in your application's defenses.

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Continuous Security

Seamlessly run automated tests on a pre-determined schedule or instantly upon deploying your Live version, ensuring constant security.
Flusk Vault instantly notifies you of any issues detected, enabling you to take timely and effective action to maintain the integrity of your system.

Best Security Checklist

While you may have a skilled team of developers, it's unlikely that they have invested 400+ hours in reverse-engineering Bubble security.
This is where Flusk Vault comes in. Our team of security experts keep you up-to-date with the latest news and continuously integrate recent vulnerabilities.

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Comprehensive issues

Flusk Vault only presents vulnerabilities when they are actual issues, allowing you to save focus.
Our tool facilitates your team's comprehension of security by providing documentation for every issue and reverse-engineering insights for Bubble developers.


Flusk Vault seamlessly integrates into your development process, providing an overview of the necessary steps to ensure security.
With the ability to share access with team members and assign tasks to collaborators, our tool facilitates efficient collaboration.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It, Take Theirs!

With work with companies leading innovation in their industries and taking care about security.

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"Vault has been crucial in improving the security of all applications developed by Kreante. [...] Its detailed reporting and comprehensive analysis helped us optimize the application. Highly recommend Flusk to improve security and performance.

Lhyfe Team


"Using no-code allowed us to test and develop new features hyper-agilely. Lhyfe's project is strategic and securing customer data is crucial so Flusk's quick support is vital. Working with Wesley and Victor - Bubble geniuses, is pleasant and reliable."

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La Taloche

"We called upon Flusk to conduct a security audit and optimize the performance of our website. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of support and improvements made. We also appreciated the relevant advice given throughout the mission."

A Statistic Statement

We conducted a study on the Top 100 apps made on Bubble.
What we found is a worrying statement about security on major applications.

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Sensitive Data Leaks

Sensitive Data Leak chart

Restricted Access

Restricted access chart

Third-party Access

Third Party access chart

It's Not Your Fault

The freshness of the technology and its recent growth makes it really hard for the community - businesses and developers to develop strong practices in security.
Most of the developers are not aware of how easily security breaches can be exploited in their apps, and they're not to be blamed.Indeed, there's poor documentation from about the best security practices and there's hardly public reports of previous security breaches.

But it is Your Responsability

This lack of awareness doesn't justify not acting on security.In fact, you are required by law to protect your customer's data, and you don't want to risk malicious intrusions on your app, as they generally have a strong impact on customers and investors' trust.


Not Just a Tool. Experts.

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Learn more about our team

At the core of our commitment is rapid customer support and technical assistance from driven and solution-oriented engineers, who are readily available to provide help when our tool falls short.

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For Agencies

Explore the advantages that Flusk Vault can offer to your agency.

Deliver Secure Apps and Build a Trusted Reputation

Deliver secured applications by incorporating Flask Vault into your development process, establish a strong reputation, and ultimately enhance your sales pitch.


Cut Down Precious Development Hours

Streamline your security testing process by automating your checklist. Perform a test and swiftly address any issues that arise. By doing so, you can significantly reduce testing time.

Empower Your Team's Expertise

Our platform offers comprehensive and detailed security content for self-education, eliminating the need for extensive training of team members. Additionally, our team is readily available to assist in case of any technical questions.

Join the agencies already integrating Flusk Vault as part of their Q&A process:

Founded by Passionates

Flusk is born with the rise of scaling companies running on Bubble and with them, the need for a strong technical and security backup.

Thanks to our insightful experiences as the first French pioneer in Bubble education and then as the first certifying actor, we gained concrete expertise and confidence in our domain.

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Read the Founder's note

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How can I use Flusk Vault as an agency?


At Flusk, we understand that agencies are on the frontline in the battle for security and that even with a strong understanding and implementation of security practices, human error is an unavoidable reality.

To this end, Flusk Vault is designed to save agencies time and help them build and maintain a strong reputation. Our product offer agencies a range of benefits from volume discount, exclusive training and support for your team.

  • Eliminate the need to develop or maintain a security process for your developments - Flusk Vault is your all-in-one security solution.
  • Save your team valuable development hours due to powerful automation processes.
  • Deliver more secure applications and maintain a strong reputation.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest security vulnerabilities in Bubble: Flusk Vault takes care of monitoring them for you.
  • No need to train team members on security - we provide explicit and detailed content for self-education.
  • Lighten your team's support load - your team can contact us for questions about security.

Agencies have the option of working with us on a pay-as-you-go basis or as a Trusted Partner Agency.

Our Trusted Partner Agencies benefit from exclusive features and services in exchange for their commitment to using Flusk Vault as part of their Q&A process.

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Will Flusk Vault slow down my app?


No! Flusk Vault won't interfere with your app's performances 🎉

This is because nothing is installed on your app and we use limited requests/queries to your app to deliver our security reports.

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Can I use Flusk Vault to perform security audits for customers?


At the moment, is it not possible to use Flusk Vault to perform external security audits in your name for your customers without special permission.

→ This is due to our legal obligation to obtain direct consent from our customers before we can process their data through our sub-processor qualification.

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How does Flusk Vault process my application data and privacy?


We understand that granting access to your application and its data may cause concern, but please be assured that we will never access or use your private data without your explicit consent.

Flusk takes privacy very seriously and follows practices to ensure the security of user data. All user data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and all user interactions with the system are protected by authentication protocols. Additionally, Flusk Vault maintains rigorous internal policies and procedures to ensure that user data remains private and secure.

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Is Flusk Vault GDPR compliant?


At Flusk, we recognize that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a crucial concern, particularly when it comes to safeguarding your customer data. This article provides detailed information about our policies and practices that ensure GDPR compliance.

TL:DR - The Flusk tools are compliant with the European GDPR

If you'd like to gain insight into how we handle the processing of your app's data and address privacy concerns, we suggest you read our comprehensive article on the topic. The link to this article can be found here: How does Flusk Vault process your application data and protect your privacy?

Otherwise, you can read the full summary of our last GDPR audit.

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Do you provide discounts for students, non-profits, and education?


We do! We love supporting students and people working in education around Bubble.

In accordance with our Flusk Fund program, we also provide discounts for non-profit organizations.

Do you qualify?

Contact our Team using the chat in the bottom-right corner!

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Can I use Flusk Vault if I'm on a Free Bubble plan?


Yes you can 🎉

Every Bubble plan is compatible with Flusk Vault, including the free tier.

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Do I need to give access to Flusk to my app?


At this time, we require collaborator access to your app in order to verify your ownership and conduct additional security verification.
Our terms and conditions legally stipulate that the Flusk team cannot access your app or its data without your explicit permission.

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What is Flusk Vault?


Flusk Vault is the ultimate solution for monitoring the security of your Bubble application 24/7, safeguarding your secrets and sensitive data.

With Flusk Vault, you can build a secure and compliant app that is protected from leaks and errors. Our comprehensive security audits and vulnerability scans provide unparalleled peace of mind that your Bubble app is secure. Installing Flusk Vault is the first step to ensuring the security of your Bubble application.

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Still have questions? Check the help center or email us at


We work with a company-size pricing model to make security fair and accessible

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For Agencies

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